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Break Up Reasons or Excuses:
What Your Ex Really Wanted to Say

So you got dumped, and now you’re wondering what went wrong in your relationship.  Unfortunately the only clue your ex left was some mumbo-jumbo about “needing a break”.  If you are like many people suffering over a break up then the whole thing came as a big surprise.

Break Up ExcusesNow before you go over-analyzing what your ex meant by needing a break you should know they likely had a more specific reason for leaving you.  It isn’t easy to tell someone you don’t love them anymore, which is why people try to cover up the truth with an excuse that is easier to swallow. This is why you hear the same break up reasons being used all the time.

With the exception of cheating, break ups never really have to occur. Sensible people can work through most problems like long distance relationships, age differences, and family problems.  Many times a partner will break things off because they are simply bored and looking for something new.  Now very few have the guts to say this to your face, choosing instead to use excuses like “I’m not ready for this commitment” or “I just need some space”. But what they really wanted to say is “I’m just not attracted to you anymore”.

Seeing through these little lies will help you take a more direct approach to getting your ex back.  Be honest with yourself as you look back on the relationship…where did the romance end? Things are always perfect in the beginning when infatuation helps us overlook any faults our partner has, but as time goes on the little things become more annoying.  Successful long term relationships are able to work through the annoyances when the lust begins to fade.

Did your ex give a specific reason for breaking up with you, or did they just revert to a lame excuse in order to avoid breaking your heart? If you want them back then you’ll have to be honest with yourself.  Attraction fades but it can be resurrected if you know what will win back their heart.  Just don’t rely on the reasons they gave you since there is usually another issue hidden below the surface.


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