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The Ex Factor Guide


  • Do You Need or Want Your Ex?
    Do you really want your ex back? This video discusses the real reason behind your broken heart... and a better way to fix your breakup.
  • Powerful Words to Get Your Ex Back
    Struggling for the right words to say to your ex? Watch this video to help you get a unique perspective on every relationship in your life.
  • Tips for Calling Your Ex
    That first phone call to your ex is a difficult one but you must lead with a good impression. Here are some tips to get the most impact out of your call.
  • Can Facebook Fix Your Break Up?
    If you're not careful, Facebook can ruin your chances of getting back with your ex. But it can also make you ex want you again if you do things right.
  • The Importance of Space After a Breakup
    Giving your ex some space after a breakup serves two purposes. Not only does it give them some time to calm down, but it also makes you more attractive. Here's why...
  • Being Confident When You See Your Ex
    At some point you will see your ex for the first time after your break up. This short video gives you some tips for making a good impression.
  • Why Does My Ex Keep Texting After Dumping Me?
    Receiving texts from your ex after getting dumped might seem like a good sign, but it could also be a sign you are getting used.
  • Is Love All You Need?
    You always hear the quote "all you need is love" but is this really true? We argue that it is not in this exclusive video from Michael Griswold.
  • Clear Your Mind After a Breakup
    Has your breakup left you feeling lost and confused? Here is a little "mind trick" you can use to calm down and regain control. Very helpful for those overwhelming days.
  • Don't Give Up on Your Ex
    Don’t let anyone tell you it is impossible to get back with your ex. This video is proof that hundreds of people get reunited every day!