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Breakup Tips for Getting Back Together

Has your romance reached the breaking point? This can be a challenging time in your life, but it doesn’t have to be the end. If you are thoughtful and careful you can actually turn this negative situation into a positive one. You and your romantic partner can get back together and have the true love you were meant to have. Sounds like a great idea right? But how exactly can you rekindle a love that has long since grown cold?

Breakup TipsAsk yourself, “Why?” Do you know why you broke up? Not the reason your ex gave you, but the actual reason. Sometimes there are deeper things going on in a relationship that cause a couple to breakup. Take the time to analyze your relationship, think about what your romantic partner may have been complaining about for the past 3 months. This is often a good indicator of why you broke up. Looking back at the situation often holds the clues to why you broke up in the first place.

Focus your thoughts for now on self-improvement. Of course you want to get back together with your lover, and this will ultimately be the top priority. But most people who are suffering through a breakup have also let themselves go and are visibly depressed. Now is not the time to stop taking care of yourself go. In fact it is more important than ever to look the very best you can so you can reel your ex back into your life. Get to the gym and do a great workout every day. Grab a fashion magazine and find the best clothes choices for your body type and personal taste. Remember you want to catch your partner’s eye so keep them in mind when sculpting the "New You".

Set a time when the two of you can talk. Now here comes the important part...you are going to spend most of the time listening to them. Not talking about how you feel or what you want. Simply listen to them. Get your ex to tell you what they need in a partner and how this is different from the way you were together. This is your chance to gather information to help you understand how to turn this breakup into a loving relationship again. There is a saying that we have “two ears so we can do twice as much listening as speaking.” This is very true so use it to your advantage after a breakup.

Don’t talk about your breakup with friends and family, and never talk about it with your romantic partner’s friends and family! Even if they push you for information...just smile and say that you miss them and you hope the two of you work things out. This is a very positive and neutral thing to say. That is your goal...to be honest without creating an opportunity for negative rumors to start spreading. While you may be upset and angry, you don’t want your romantic partner to find out you spoke to everyone about your relationship after the two of you are back together. This will hurt them very deeply.

So are you ready to open your ears and close your mouth? This is ultimately what it will take to fix your breakup. Listen to your partner and listen to those who want to help you improve your life. Stop pretending that you have all the answers and start looking for ways to improve your body and mind. Once you have proven to your ex that you have indeed changed, he or she will be much more open to rediscovering your relationship.