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Break Up Advice: Should You Call Your Ex?

Winning your ex back can be a steep challenge, especially if your break up was a rough one.  But no matter what the terms of your break up were, the process of getting your ex back always starts with that first phone call.

Many struggle with whether or not they should call their ex.  The simple answer is that you should call them...but not before you have a strategy in place.  Here are some quick tips for making that first phone call a powerful tool for winning back love...

Let the Dust Settle
Timing is always a big part of fixing a break up.  You should not call your ex while either of you are still in emotional extremes.  This is key because you'll have trouble keeping your thoughts straight if you call while you are still upset, and your ex is less likely to listen to you if they are still boiling mad.  Every situation requires a different amount of time needed to “cool down”, and it is important to be patient.  Rushing to make amends will only increase the possibility of being shutout.

Create a Plan of Action
Call Your ExYou may not have many chances to state your case, so you had better make the first phone call a good one.  Don’t just hope that you will think of something to say.  Make some notes and highlight the things you want to say.  Practice your opening a couple times before calling since this is the hardest part.  Most importantly, anticipate some of the rebuttals you will get from you ex.  Make sure you have good answers for the tough questions he or she may have.

Be Positive
If you are not going to accept this challenge with a positive mindset then please don’t even start the process.  Your first phone call to your ex is similar to a sales pitch.  You have to schmooze your way back into their life.  That means you need to speak with confidence and a positive demeanor.  One of the best tactics you can use is to agree the break up was probably a good thing.  Hearing this will surprise your ex and give a little more time to plead your case.

Give It Time
Don’t expect to get your ex back with one simple phone call.  The process of rebuilding trust and passion in a relationship takes time.  The first call to your ex will be the most important one since it reestablishes communication and determines which direction you will take as a couple.  However, you shouldn’t assume that everything is fine just because the call goes well.  You need to stay one step ahead throughout the entire “making up” process.  Be creative and continue to impress your lover with your words and actions.

Should you call your ex after a break up?  Well assuming you want to get your ex back, then the answer is a resounding yes.  You need to take control of your situation if you want to save your relationship.

We recently added a new video to our site that gives you some more tips for that first phone call. Michael Griswold shares some of his best secrets for keeping your ex on the line long enough to give you a chance to speak. Click here to watch the video.


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