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Does Your Ex Still Love You?

It is normal to wonder if your ex still thinks you before you go trying to get back with them. After all, no one wants to be rejected twice, and if you are going to make a move then it is nice to know the door is still open. Here are some signs to look for that might indicate your ex still has feelings for you. The more you still occupy their thoughts the better chance you have of reuniting.

One of the more obvious signs your ex is still in love is when they constantly ask questions about you. If they feel the need to know all about what you are doing then some feelings are still there. Now they may not ask you questions directly, but you might notice them using your friends as informants. If this is happening, then try not to leave them suffering for too long because their interest can slowly fade away. Walk right up to them and start talking. Things should move on naturally from there.

Does Your Ex Miss You?

Have you noticed your ex just happens to be at every social function as you? Well this may be more than just a coincidence. Showing up at places you know an old lover will be is a classic technique for trying to get back together. Of course your ex will probably try to pass it off as just a chance encounter. This may be true the first time, but if it happens repeatedly then there is more than chance involved. Go with the flow instead of calling them out on their tactics. You don’t want to embarrass them and spoil the moment!

When people like you they will go out of their way to be around you. This is a good way to measure if your ex still loves you. If you are still playing the friends role, try asking them to do a couple things you know will create a conflict in their schedule. When they drop other commitments to be with you'll have confirmation that passion is still in the air. Of course don’t get discouraged if they pass on a couple of opportunities. Some things like work and school still need to be a top priority for everyone.

Most people want to know if the love and attraction still exists before they try to get back with an ex. This is understandable, but you may never know for sure until you get closer to them. That being said, look for the signs in this article to give you a better idea. At some point you will have to take a risk, but you might be able to save some face by measuring their interest before you jump in.


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