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How to Win Your Ex Back on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is well known as a holiday for lovers, but it can also be an excellent time to patch up relationships that have fallen apart.  Because we are sure to be saturated with commercials and television shows reminding us of Valentine’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to get your ex thinking about you again.  But depending on how difficult your break up was you will need to be creative with your approach if you are going to capitalize on this romantic holiday.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Start with a Card
If you are in a situation where your ex is not talking to you, then the best approach is a simple card to open the channels of communication.  You want to remind them that you are still thinking about them while taking the stress out of the situation.  To do this you want to start out friendly and leave the door open for more.  Funny cards are great for breaking the ice but you can’t rely on humor alone.  Include a short message that shares your feelings without getting too mushy.  Let them know that you wish things were different, but that you also respect their space.  Remember that the goal is to get your ex talking to you again, and this requires an understanding approach.

Valentine for Your ExHelp Them Visualize
When relationships end in arguments or jealousy it is not always easy to remember the good times you had together.  This is why you should use Valentine’s Day to help remind your ex about the positives of your time together.  This can be done by incorporating old pictures and meaningful music in your gift.  This is not always easy when things ended badly, so get creative and make them curious about what kind of surprise you have for them. Music mixes can be good gifts to get through to their emotions when they aren’t speaking to you.  The key is to keep things positive and use ideas that remind them of why you are perfect for each other.

Make it Fun
If you are lucky enough to have maintained a friendship with your ex, then you will have a lot more flexibility.  Come up with fun ideas of things you can do together that will give you a chance to reignite the romance.  Surprise tickets to concerts or sporting events are a great start.  But no matter what event you choose, you want to keep things fast paced and fun.  The goal is to have your ex wonder what it would be like if you got back together.  This means showing them a good time while dropping hints that this is only the beginning.  Just be careful to take it slow.  You need to rebuild the trust level before going in for the kill.

Valentine’s Day is not only a holiday for those in a relationship.  It is also a good time to get your ex back after a break up.  The first step is to think about where you stand with your ex.  If they are ignoring you, then you will need to find subtle ways to get your message across.  If you are still talking to each other, then consider using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to go out together.  One thing that is important for any situation, don’t make things awkward by going overboard.  Start small and focus on reconnecting with them.  You can use more aggressive strategies once you are on the same page again.

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