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Full Review: The Ex Recovery System

Ashley Kay released the first version of the Ex Recovery System about 3 years ago and she immediately gained a loyal following for her honest approach to breakup repair. Unlike other relationship gurus who seem to promise the moon, Ashley focuses on achievable results through custom strategies fit for your unique situation. One of the strengths in her latest edition is guiding you past the roller coaster of emotions towards a clear course of action that will revive the lost attraction within your relationship.

Covering All the Bases
One of the frustrations many people have with relationship advice is feeling like it won't work in their situation. This is not a concern with the Ex Recovery System because Ashley has covered even the most difficult scenarios such as long distance relationships, being ignored by your ex, and stealing your ex back from a new lover. And because Ashley recognizes there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" strategy, she shares several different ways to open the doors of communication. This is important because not every breakup ended as "just friends". Some people are dealing with heated arguments and infidelity, which of course calls for a completely different approach.

Ex Recovery System ReviewWinning Attraction Back
What I really like about the Ex Recovery System is that it focuses on the core building blocks of loving relationships. Instead of simply trying to get your ex to speak to you again, Ashley provides the tools and ideas you need to win their heart. Targeting your approach this way gives you a much better chance at getting back together. Often times we lose sight of the romance and affection that initially sparked a relationship, but it is essential to rebuild these feelings when you are trying to fix a breakup.

The lessons within the Ex Recovery System are designed to make you more desirable in the eyes of your ex. Critical elements like how to look, speak, and act can make the difference in whether or not your ex will even notice you're in the same room with them. When resistance levels are high and they won't speak to you these "personality attributes" are the only thing you have to break down the defenses.

Individual Support
Another exclusive feature you'll find in the Ex Recovery System is a dedicated support community. Ashley did not want her customers to feel left alone after learning her strategies, so she created a members-only forum and 24/7 support system. With these features you can either submit your personal questions to Ashley through the support ticket system, or post your troubles on the private forum where other members can offer you their thoughts. This can be a valuable resource if things aren't going your way in the beginning.

Ashley Kay's Ex Recovery System
is much more than a simple book of ways to get your ex back. The collection of videos, mp3's, and written content is an in-depth course on why people fall in love and what to do when this love fades away.

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