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Getting Your Mind Off Your Ex and Onto Life

Most of you have read that giving your ex space is the first step to getting them back. It is true that time and distance will help heal the wounds of your breakup, but letting go is easier said than done. Anyone who has been in love knows how much it can occupy your mind, which is why it requires some persistence to keep a broken heart from overwhelming your thoughts during the no contact stage.

Stop Thinking About Your ExOne of the few good things that come from a breakup is an opportunity to learn more about you. Life is so often busy that we rarely take the time to evaluate who we are and where we want to be in the future. The days after your breakup are a perfect time to shine more light on the dreams and talents you may have forgotten about.

Now before you say that you don’t have any hobbies or special interests, try harder to open your mind. It is impossible NOT to have an opinion on anything. This is to say that, if you are a human being, you have feelings and emotions about every person and object you interact with. Some feelings will be stronger than others, but your mind has an opinion about everything you interact with. The key is to identify the ones that make you most happy.

A great place to begin tapping into your mind is with exercises like yoga and meditation. Yoga offers the bonus of being physical and mental, but both activities will open new directions for your mind to wander away from your ex. There are plenty of beginner-level videos online to help you get started. As you become more comfortable you can also explore group sessions offered at your gym or community center.

The most important step in keeping your mind off your ex is eliminating all the “noise” in your life. It is difficult to focus on the positive when everything you encounter is negative. Clear your life of all the clutter surrounding your relationship – old pictures, facebook, gossiping friends, etc. These are not good sources of positivity.

Think about all the things that are great about life in general. Family, nature, discovery and faith are just a few that come to mind. Immerse yourself in these natural wonders by reaching out to them. Visit with your family, hike through the woods, or challenge yourself to learn a new skill. When you introduce your mind to new stimuli you will be amazed at how quickly your fears and worries disappear.

The only way to stop thinking about your ex is to provide your mind with other outlets. Sitting in your home all day and looking out the window is not the answer. Listening to music or watching movies can provide a temporary escape but in the end you need to engage our mind and body in activity. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Excite your brain with new surroundings and you will find that happiness exists all around you.


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