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How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back?

Whitney asks… How do I make my ex boyfriend want me back?
“My ex boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. He was my first love and it was the longest relationship I had been in. I want him to want me again. It really hurts to see him flirting with other girls. Is there anything I can do to make him miss me?”

Despite her desperate situation, Whitney is already ahead of the curve because she understands that attraction is the key to success. If she can make her ex boyfriend miss her than her chances of getting him back improve dramatically.

Similar to what I wrote in “What does my ex girlfriend want?” the best place to begin is with the core needs every man has. Obviously each individual has their own desires but there are a few things that almost every man looks for in a relationship.

No matter what anyone tells you, looks are a major dating consideration with men. But you don’t have to be a beauty queen to win his heart. A unique sense of style can be just as attractive as body features as long as you represent the real you. Your hair, wardrobe, and accessories all portray an image of who you are. The question is… does your style match your character? Fashion can instill confidence and purpose in your being.  If you look frumpy and unconfident then you will struggle to show any promise to your ex.

Smiles and Laughs
Did you rely on your ex boyfriend to entertain you all the time? If he always had to work to have fun with you then he likely grew tired of trying. Not everyone is a match when it comes to personality companions, and when one side starts to get bored it is bad news for the relationship. Dating is all about sharing good times together. Without smiles, laughs and memorable moments there is not enough chemistry to distinguish your relationship from a casual encounter.

Again, it is essential to offer your boyfriend an escape from the boredom of real life. There are several ways that challenges improve a relationship. Flirting is an easy way to build simple challenges. Showing him that you are interested, but leaving him wanting more will keep the romance alive. Encouraging your man to achieve his goals is also important. Make him want to become a better man by supporting his dreams. In short, expecting more from your boyfriend will give him more passion for life.

Men are attracted to women who are comfortable in their own skin. They want a girl who wants to live life and enjoys a good challenge. These are the attributes of a hunter, someone who does not wait for life to come to them. In many cases, focusing on these principles alone can make your ex boyfriend want you again.


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