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Full Review: How to Get Back Your Ex

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2011 - ExBack.com appears to be closed for good.
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Brian Caniglia first published this book over 7 years ago, and to this day it remains the most authoritative guide to winning back love on the internet.  A lot of the success has to do with his realistic and well-researched approach to the topic.  As a professional relationship counselor, Brian’s has helped thousands of people get their ex back, and his book shares the exact strategies used with his personal clients. How to Get Back Your Ex

No Fluff
The most refreshing part of this guide is the fact that it gets right to the point from the beginning.  In fact, Brian gives more sound advice in his first 20 pages then most resources offer as a whole.

The Plan
This is the part where most people fail to win back love.  They just jump into it without thinking about what they will say or do.  This ultimately leads to costly mistakes that can ruin their chances of ever succeeding.

“How to Get Back Your Ex” eliminates the uncertainty of what to do next by outlining a 30 day strategy for success.  You will learn to change the way your ex perceives you, while building the interest and attraction needed to lure them back into your life for good.

Individual Advice
One of the best features to this guide is the self-consultation questionnaire.  This is a series of 20 questions that helps you customize your strategy based on your own unique situation.  Each question lists a number of possible answers along with a detailed explanation of each tactic.  This information is absolutely vital since each person has their own unique situation.

Brian has written a clear and detailed resource for anyone who is struggling with what actions to take to win back love. The advice is original and ground-breaking, yet practical enough for almost any situation.

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2011 - ExBack.com appears to be closed for good.
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