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The Secret To A Long-Lasting and Fulfilling Relationship

By Cucan Pemo

Love is in fact older than Science or philosophy, and is it so intricate and so delicate in its nature that neither cold-blooded scientific scrutiny nor attempts at philosophical analysis can entirely disclose its nature, significance, heights, depths or time limits.

Genuine love is more than sentiment, more than respect, more than good-will, more than admiration - more than all of them combined.

According to Dr Rob Biltion of the Life Management Centre in Canada, relationship is a "mutual filling of needs." This is a very good and useful definition to remember, and it'll
come in handy one day.

To keep your relationship or marriage long lasting, accept that there will be a period in your life with your partner; there will be times when your partner does not need you as
often as it used to be.

Many people tend to believe that everything should stay the same and everything should be the same. Nothing stays the same in this world. Things change. It is how you cope with
the change that will help you to keep your relationship healthy, fulfilling, and long lasting.

Anyone in a relationship is going to face its Ups and Downs. We are human after all. No one can escape from it. No one person can go through a relationship with no Ups and Downs,
that will be too boring, and there is no reason to stay in such a monotonous relationship.

What is the secret to a long lasting, healthy and fulfilling relationship?

It is the HABIT of constantly explaining to yourself that all the good will come to you and your partner in your relationship - every single MOMENTS, every single SECONDS.

This is exactly the secret all successful people know, but find it hard explaining.

It is indeed very useful to learn all you can about human nature and human relationships.

Very often, there is really nothing wrong with you if you face a relationship crisis. You just need to learn to rise above the seemingly relationship problem and look at the big picture. Know the truth of relationship and love, arm with the knowledge why you think and behave the way you do and why your partner think and behave the way he or she does and you can set yourself free.


The Ex Factor Guide