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Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You

Getting back with your ex is more about changing the way your ex feels as opposed to getting them to forgive the past. The one thing you want to focus on is the future. If you can make your ex visualize a fulfilling future with you then it won’t take long for them to regret their decision to breakup. Here are some ways to make this happen...

Make Changes
Continuing to live your current lifestyle and expect your ex to want you back is just plain ignorant. Again, the goal here is to attract them with the promise of a brighter future. Now is the time to make some changes in your appearance and ambitions. The fact is we all want to be proud of our romantic partners. Give your ex something to think about by exceling in your career path, fitness goals, and plans for the future.

Making Your Ex Regret the BreakupRise to the Top
Your primary goal after getting dumped should be to achieve an improved social status. If you are coming off a long term relationship then it is likely you have let some of your friendships slip away. Start networking again with old friends and co-workers. Get out into the social scene and build a reputation as a go-getter who is ready for new adventures. Not only will your ex take notice of the buzz surrounding you, but you might even find your next job or romantic fling in the process.

Keep in Touch
Despite the fact you are probably bitter over the breakup, you want to keep all communication channels with your ex open and positive. Don’t ruin your chances for winning them back by spreading rumors or fighting with their friends. Instead, keep all encounters short and upbeat. You want your ex to see you and hear about the exciting changes in your life. Even if they aren’t speaking to you they are still talking with their friends…use this to your advantage.

Be Persistent
You aren’t going to go from zero to hero in only a few weeks. Improving your social clout can take time, but the good news is you are the one in control. How quickly your ex regrets breaking up with you is determined by how much effort you put into this plan. To get on the fast track you should be reaching out to all of your old contacts and participating in as many social functions as possible. The more you put yourself in a position to be seen, the greater your odds of making an impression on your ex.

Life is filled with difficult decisions, and no doubt we all have some regrets about the past. Recognizing that you can influence another person’s regret gives you all the power you need to get your ex back.


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