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Make Your Ex Want You Back

The Most Powerful Way to Get Your Ex Back?

There is no shortage of theories out there on the best way to get your ex back. Everyone from psychologists to your next-door neighbor seems to have an insight on how to fix a broken relationship. The thing is...they may all be right!

Individual relationships have so many different variables that what works for one may not work for the other. Thus, you could get the best advice in the world, but unless it matches your situation then it is not going to work.

But there is one thing you can do that practically guarantees a reunion with your ex. If you can make your ex want you back you can effectively skip all of the hard work involved with rebuilding trust and attraction. Now this is not advertised as the easiest way to get your ex back, but playing a little "role reversal" after your break up may be an effective strategy if you can pull it off.

We should warn everyone in advance that this method is not for the emotionally unstable. If you still cry every time you see your ex then don’t even bother with it. You will have to be calm and convincing with these tactics or else they won’t be effective. Basically you are going to do the opposite of what everyone else does after getting dumped, so it may require you to hold back your true feelings. If you have doubts about your acting skills then please click over to the next "get back my ex" website.

Can you make your ex want you back?

The first step in making your ex want you back is acting as if they did you a favor by dumping you. Of course you don’t want to say that to them directly, but you do need to act relieved after the breakup. Don't wait weeks before you talk to them. Communicate with your ex a few days after and tell them how much better you feel that everything is out in the open. Explain that all the fighting and tears associated with the breakup was very stressful and now you know a change was definitely needed. Finish this by saying you'll never forget all the good times you had together.

After this initial conversation it is time for you to strut your stuff! Focus on looking your best at every public event. You really shouldn't step foot out of the house without considering your appearance. When you look good you will feel great, and this is exactly the kind of vibe you want to resonate with the people you encounter. If you have been putting off your next workout, hair appointment, or wardrobe update then take immediate action to get it done.

A few weeks after your breakup has passed you want to consider getting back in the dating scene. Even if your heart is still with your ex you have to at least start talking with the opposite sex. This creates a buzz about you in your ex's social circles. Remember that you are trying to make your ex want you again, and it is well known the humans tend to want things they cannot have. Just be fair with your dates by letting them know you are coming off a long-term relationship and that you will be taking things slow.

Most important through this whole process is keeping in touch with your ex. This is not to be confused this with stalking or annoying them. What you want to do is make sure they know of all the new changes in your life. You need them to see that you are doing better than ever...both physically and socially. Keep in mind that they may become comfortable enough around you to share tidbits of their dating life. Don't panic...simply wish them the best and mention how you wish it would have worked out differently between you. Of course if this does come up then be sure to mention your own resurrection onto the dating scene!

Now the hardest part of this whole plan is having the patience to see results. In some cases your ex may be blown away by your physical changes alone, and he or she might come back right away. Most likely though you will need to slowly seduce them by teasing them with what they could have had. Your ability to flirt in subtle ways will play a big role in how well you can manipulate their mind. Again, the goal here is to have them watching your every move. If you do things right then eventually the temptation will be too much for them to handle.

It should be obvious that this whole strategy is not a good match for people with low self-confidence, and it is not intended for everyone. However, if you know you are a catch and you don’t mind playing a few mental games, then it just might be your ticket to getting back with the one you love.