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Are You Still in Love with Your Ex?

Some relationships are difficult to let go of.  In these cases, love can stick around long after your ex has left you, leaving you confused on what to do next.  But are you still in love with your ex?  Here are some indicators that will help you find out for sure.

You Need to Know
One of the most obvious signs of a lingering love is a continued obsession with your ex.  If you find yourself constantly asking questions about your ex’s whereabouts or activities then you obviously still have a significant interest in them.  You might find yourself talking to parents, or even people you don’t know just to get the latest scoop on your ex lover.  When your life becomes a constant quest for information about your ex, then it is likely your love for them is still alive.

Still in Love with ExToo Much Effort
Everyone likes to look their best as often as possible, but you should also ask yourself why you are spending the effort. If you are devoting extra time on your appearance or agenda because you are considering your ex’s perception of you, then you are probably still carrying strong feelings for them. Some other examples of this behavior include frequenting places where you might see your ex, buying clothes or other items you think they may like, or even avoiding situations where they could see you at your worst.

Say Anything
Becoming overly agreeable or submissive to your ex is another behavior that displays lingering love.  You feel like you can reconnect with your ex by supporting everything they do or say, even if you have issues with it.  This can include sticking up for the them to friends of family, going out of your way to compliment them, or simply saying “yes” to anything they ask of you. Part of love is making sacrifices, and submissive behavior shows that you will do anything to rebuild the old love of your relationship.

Are you still in love with your ex?

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about having feelings for your ex, but you should have a plan to address the issue.  Force yourself to make a decison to either move on with your life or focus on winning back your ex's love.