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Surefire Ways to Attract Your Ex Back

The number one reason breakups occur is the loss of attraction.  Sometimes it is a physical thing, but more often than not it is psychological.  Your partner might have gotten bored with your relationship or developed new interests that you didn’t share together.  When the attraction disappears so does your ex, which is why trying to attract them back is the best way to solve your relationship problems.

Here are some simple but effective ways to get your ex looking your way again…

Look Your Best
How to Attract Your Ex BackThis should be fairly obvious, but it is surprising how many people let themselves go when they’re feeling down in the dumps.  Now is the time to pay even more attention to your appearance.  Make sure your wardrobe is in style, your hair looks good, and your smile is bright.  This is also a good time to recommit to a workout program.  Staying in shape not only helps your appearance, but it is also good for your mental health.

Expand Your Network
While it’s okay spend a couple days hiding in your room after a break up, you really need to get out into the social scene if you want your ex to notice you.  Even more than just going out though, you should be focused on meeting new people.  Your ex wants to think you can’t have any fun without him or her.  Show them that you are the one who is the life of the party and watch them come crawling back!

Achieve Your Dreams
When it comes to searching for a partner, almost everyone is looking for someone who is motivated about improving their life.  None of us want to imagine that we’ll be stuck in the same job or house for the rest of our lives, and if your partner feels this way they’ll start to look for the exit sign.  What are you doing to improve yourself every day?  Maybe you are working your way through school or training for a marathon.  No matter what it is, pursuing new goals send a strong signal to your ex that your life is on the right track.

The biggest thing that these suggestions have in common is change.  Keep in mind that whatever you were doing in your relationship eventually led to a breakup.  In some way (big or little) your ex was not satisfied with where your time together was going.  In short, your unwritten agreement wasn’t “attractive” enough for them.

This is why, if you want to attract them back, you have to give them a good reason to return.  Apologies and guilt trips are only promises of the past…they don’t provide any incentive to come back.  But if you use the ideas above, along with some of your own, you can make yourself more attractive and get your ex back without ever having to beg.