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Full Review: Text Your Ex Back

Michael Fiore became an instant celebrity in the dating world after winning over the crowd on the “Rachel Ray Show.” That was back when he first launched “Text the Romance Back”, and since then he has launched a series of successful follow-ups. Needless to say, I was intrigued to hear about his latest course, aimed at helping people win back their ex.

Does It Work
The first thought that crossed my mind was: Could this modern spin on an old problem really work? I can see how texting your wife would invigorate romance, but is it possible to spark attraction by texting or emailing your ex? The big issue being that, in some cases, you have an ex who won’t even talk to you. Why would they bother responding to your texts?

Michael does a good job of getting right to the point about this, which is very reassuring for everyone involved. He talks about his experience with texting, and why he believes it is the most effective strategy for getting your ex back. And as you probably guessed, this course is not about sending your everyday text of desperation and apologies.

The System
Like all good dating strategies, Text Your Ex Back provides a systematic approach to earning your way back on your ex’s good side. The magic, if you will, does not come from a single message that suddenly erases all the bad vibes. Instead, the focus is on winning small challenges each day. That is important because some people expect to send one or two texts and suddenly hear their ex knocking on the door, begging to make out with them. Sorry folks, no one can promise that!

Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex BackFirst you need to figure out why you got dumped, and what exactly you expect to change in the future. This is a critical part of the course because it determines how you will use the rest of the system to your advantage. Michael does coach you through this reflection period. So if you’re not sure why your ex left then he offers plenty of good insights for you.

After reflecting on the past you are presented with Fiore’s five core concepts of attraction. This should be a real eye-opener for most of you. I know it was for me. The core concepts are the fundamentals of an everlasting relationship. If you skip this section to move along faster in the course then you are going to struggle.

The Secret Sauce
You begin to get a feel for the power of Michael’s psychological techniques when he explains his “text judo” approach. This is where you use your ex’s emotions “against them” to get the result you want. It is a brilliant strategy, and one that you can incorporate into many other facets of your life.

Next up is the part you’ve all been waiting for: The texts that turn everything around. As I mentioned earlier, which messages you choose to use, and how you use them is dictated entirely by your unique situation. There are several different kinds of messages Michael has crafted. He explains them all in great detail and provides specific examples. This makes it easy for you to use them effectively right out of the gate. Obviously I can’t share much about them here since his work is copyrighted.

There’s More
Beyond the messages you send to your ex, Fiore also walks you through the different replies you can expect to get back. This includes negative responses and how to deal with them. The key here is setting yourself up for another chance if the first round doesn’t go as expected. Again, you are trying to win the small battles first. This gives you the momentum to eventually win them back.

Last but not least, there are a handful of helpful bonuses included with the Text Your Ex Back course. My copy came with some interviews with other dating coaches and a guide to using Facebook for maximizing your romantic appeal. All in all, you get some great resources thrown in that will add to your relationship mastery.

I think the big draw with Text Your Ex Back, compared to the other guides I’ve read, is the modern appeal. So many relationship guides are dry re-hashed techniques from decades ago. Michael’s advice is cutting-edge and lively. And while most people will focus on his text message models, I found his core concepts and “text judo” philosophy to be the most insightful parts of the program.