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What Does My Ex Girlfriend Want?

Jason asks… What does my ex girlfriend really want?
"My ex girlfriend and I have been apart for about a month now. We've hung out a couple times, but honestly I don’t know what she wants. There's been at least 2 times where she has gotten close enough that I thought we were going to kiss. Just the other day I asked her why she left me. She said because I never changed. I'm so confused!”

This is the question that could save your relationship if you know the right answer. A good partner satisfies our physiological needs in many ways. They make us feel confident, secure and loved. But when your girlfriend’s needs go unsatisfied she starts to look in other directions for release.

Every situation is different so it is not easy to say what your ex girlfriend wants. However, we can study the most popular attributes women seek in a man…

What Your Ex Girlfriend WantsThis is one that gets overlooked by a lot of guys. Women need to feel safe when they are with you. Security comes in many different forms though. There is the physical security of knowing you will protect them at all costs. Financial security provides a reassurance they will always have the means to live life to the fullest. Last but not least is trust. Without trust your relationship will never grow beyond infatuation.

The way you portray yourself directly influences what others think of you. Confidence is closely related to security because without it you will have a hard time convincing your ex girlfriend that you can provide for them. Why are women attracted to confident men? The answer boils down to achievement. We all want to live a fulfilling life, and a confident man makes women believe that anything is possible. The more a man achieves, the more confident he becomes, and thus the more attractive he is to women. If you can get yourself into this cycle then you will have no problem getting your ex back.

It really is the little things that make a big difference. Hopefully you reminded your girlfriend how much she meant to you when you were together. Kisses, hugs and surprise dates are all things you should’ve been doing every day. Do you know what the secret is to romance? Recognition. Women enjoy being recognized for who they are. It is not the flowers you send, but the fact that all of her co-workers see them on her desk.

So when you ask “what does my ex girlfriend want?” think about the things covered here.  Were you a good provider when it came to these common needs? Apologies will only get you so far. At the end of the day you need to satisfy her needs if you want her to come back.