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Look Your Best to Win Back Your Ex

Loneliness and low confidence are common side effects of a breakup. These feelings tend to show on the outside even when you try to hide them. A general lack of confidence is visible to everyone when it begins to change your appearance. This includes self-destructive patterns like binge eating, refusing to exercise, and wearing frumpy clothes. But if you want to win back your ex, then it is important to look your best so you can command their attention. Here are some quick tips to reinvigorate your appearance and win back love.

Get in Shape
Exercise takes high levels of energy and dedication, and this is why it tends to fall out of our schedules after a breakup. But this is certainly no time to let yourself go. In fact, now is the best time to rededicate yourself to physical fitness. Exercise naturally improves your mood through the rush of endorphins. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your new hot body will have people taking notice. Your confidence will improve, and your ex will have to think twice about his decision.

How to Impress Your ExWatch the Calories
You are allowed one free pass to devour that gallon of ice cream after a tough breakup, but then it is time to focus on shedding the pounds. It would be foolish to think your ex would come running back to you after you’ve added 25 pounds, especially when they left you before the weight piled on. It is not necessarily important to lose massive pounds, but you should target a healthy weight range. Junk food not only adds useless calories to your diet, but the sugars and carbohydrates drain your energy, and drag you further into feelings of sadness and guilt.

Dress to Impress
We’ve all watched enough celebrity coverage to know how far looks can get you. But you don’t have to be Paris Hilton to win back your ex. The key here is to match your mission with your appearance. You are trying to attract your ex lover, not repel him with baggy sweatshirts and frazzled hair. Get yourself a couple of cute outfits that reflect your new confidence and hard work. Show the world that you are back in the game and ready to be noticed. The compliments will pour in, and the ex will have no other choice but to take notice!

Looking your best, even when feeling your worst, will do two things to help you win back your lover. First, you will feel better about yourself. Exercising and watching your diet will naturally improve your confidence and self-appreciation. Second, you will give yourself the best chance to succeed - with or without the ex. The new hot you will impress the people around you, and your presence will create a vibrant buzz. Even if your ex doesn’t seem to care, it is likely you will have plenty of new suitors who do!


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