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The Secrets to Winning Back Lost Love

Posted by Elliot on April 19, 2012

Moving on after a breakup is never as easy as your friends make it sound. Just as true love takes time to blossom; it also takes time to fade away. But the lingering emotions felt on both sides are not always a bad thing. They can buy you time to win back your lost love.

If you’re not ready to give up on your relationships then the time to act is now. Couples across the world get back together every day. The key is doing your part to make your ex WANT you back. Here are the steps to making that happen…

Step Back Before Moving Forward
The biggest mistake people make after getting dumped is pursuing an ex too aggressively. The best thing you can do now is give them some space. Remember, they had a reason for leaving you behind and asking them to take you back right away makes everyone look bad. Use this time to get control of your emotions so you can make a good impression.

Act Like a Winner
Tips for Winning Back Lost LoveHere’s the thing… even though you feel rotten on the inside you have to be mindful of how others see you. The only thing negativity attracts is negative attention, so if you want to break out this bad streak then you’ll need to put on your best “happy face”. In other words, you don’t want people to notice you for all the wrong reasons. Confidence is your secret weapon here, even if you have to fake it! Everyone loves a winner and you can build a positive buzz by simply enjoying life.

Create Curiosity
Your first goal is to keep your ex thinking about you. To do this effectively you might want to try a little reverse psychology. They expect you to be depressed and angry at them. They also expect you to beg for another chance at some point. This is where you can distinguish yourself and keep them guessing. Begin by agreeing with the breakup – tell them it was the best thing for both of you. Surprised? It may sound crazy but doing this will make them wonder what is going on that they don’t know about.

Unleash the Power of Attraction
This is the point where you steal all your ex’s bargaining power and transfer it to your side. The concept is simple but the execution is not always easy. You are going to attract them back much like you when you first met. Ignore all of the past distractions in your relationship. The arguments, the disappointments… even the new flame in your ex’s life. None of this matters because all that stuff is in the past and you are focused on the future.

Attraction strategies work best when you become something your ex wants but cannot have. This is why you want to flirt with them from a distance. Tempt them to move closer but make them work for more. Do this the right way and it works like the glass storefronts in shopping malls. Those expertly designed mannequins show off the store's hottest products and attract shoppers.

So when you talk to your ex don’t be afraid to flirt with them. It might feel awkward because you’ve been through some tough times, but don’t dwell on the negative. Acting shy or sad around your ex is the worst move you can make. You won’t spark any romance or desire being that way. The real power is in generating excitement, curiosity and anticipation towards seeing you again. These are the emotional triggers you should target.

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