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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Ex

The holidays are generally a fun time for families and couples, but they can be downright depressing if your ex still lingers over your life.  If you have recently been through a break up then you might be wondering how you should approach your ex during the Christmas season.  This can be an awkward situation depending on what feelings you still have for him or her, but here are some tips for each scenario.

If It's Over for Good
If you were relieved your relationship ended or if you have simply lost feelings for your ex, then it is best to keep them off your Christmas list.  Of course this can be difficult if you had a long relationship and still consider yourselves “friends”, but this is the perfect time to distance yourself from the relationship.  If you feel obligated to get them something, then keep it to a card or a simple and unemotional gift.  What you want to avoid is sending any mixed signals that you are still interested.

Rocky RelationshipsGift Ideas for Your Ex
If you are in one of those relationships where a break up happens every other week then you can use the holidays to build a stronger connection with lover.  There are so many fun things to do during this time, and treating your ex to a surprise night of ice skating or admiring your town’s Christmas lights can be just the thing to bring you closer together.  Sometimes you just need some quality time together to appreciate how special your relationship is, and the holidays offer plenty of fun activities to do just that.

If You Want Your Ex Back
Winning back love is a slow process, but the holidays are great time to give it a try.  The fun and happiness associated with Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to patch things up with your ex.  When it comes to gifts, you want to find something that is subtle yet meaningful.  This is not the time for elaborate or expensive presents.  Use your creativity to find that perfect something that shows how well you connect with your lover.  Some of the best ideas are gifts that you can make like scrapbooks, framed pictures of fun times you had together, or even a surprise candlelight dinner.

Reigniting a Lost Love
Relationships that have been over for more than a year typically require special effort to get them rolling again.  The biggest obstacle to face in this scenario is the lack of passion between the two sides.  But you can use the fun of the holidays to help reconnect with your lost love.  For starters, invite them to a holiday party you are attending or get yourself invited to a party they will be at.  Get their attention by looking your best and keeping the conversation flirty.  Follow up a couple days later with a small Christmas gift that suggests you are looking for more than friendship.

Whether you want to get your ex back or get rid them, you can use the holiday season to send the appropriate message.  Set goals for yourself on where you want to be in 2008 and use this time to make them happen.  If you are trying to win your lover back, then remember to move slowly and focus on rebuilding the passion of your relationship.  Keep your ex entertained and intrigued.  With a little luck they will be back in your arms for the New Year!


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