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How to Get Back with Your Ex

Mending a broken relationship is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be done with a determination and a little luck.  The key however is to plot your strategy before you begin to make your move.  Don’t just start dialing up your ex and hope that you will find something to say.  Think about everything you are going to do before you do it.  Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Start Slow
The foundation of any relationship is trust, and it will take some time to rebuild the attraction your ex once had for you.  This means that you need to ease your way back into their life.  Start with just talking or meeting for coffee.  Work on building up their comfort level and confidence in you.  From there you can move on to bigger things.

Pay Attention to Detail
Get Back with Your ExUnfortunately, your break up is going to make you much more susceptible to criticism by your ex.  They will be skeptical on whether or not to give you another chance, and this means they will be watching you closely and thinking about every word you say.  Make sure that you are always looking your best, and watch your mouth.  You should treat the first dates back together as just that…first dates.  Pretend you never met your ex and focus on leaving a lasting impression.

Keep it Fun
Once again you need to realize that your ex is looking for every reason to say no to you.  This means you have to win them back by proving how much fun you can have together.  Keep every situation upbeat, positive, and fun.  This is no time for the movies or candle light dinners.  Get out and explore something new and invigorating.

Keep it Romantic
One of the biggest mistakes that people make after a break up is being too friendly.  They are so scared of turning their ex away that the basically settle for any form of conversation.  If you are not careful though, things can become too much like friends and not enough like lovers.  You want your ex to feel comfortable around you, but you also need to keep things passionate.  Turn on the heat with some subtle flirting and stay away from using the word “friends”.

The hardest part of getting back with your ex is simply getting started.  It is always difficult to make that first step towards fixing a break up, but if you will feel much more confident if you have a strategy to work with.  Think about what you will say and do before you do it, and stay one step ahead of your ex.  This give you the competitive advantage you need to win them back.


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