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About GetBackMyEx.com

get my ex back

GetBackMyEx.com is a collection of articles and resources provided to help people get back together after a breakup.

No warranties or promises are made in regards to the advice posted on this website, but I do hope it helps as many people as possible. The internet is filled with relationship forums, dating advice websites, and books that all claim to have the "secret formula" to winning back love.

The truth is there is no secret formula. What works for some couples will fail miserably for others. Even good advice, when given to the wrong person, can ruin a relationship forever. The real secret is finding the right mix of suggestions like the ones you read here and creating your own plan of action.

I do recommend some helpful resources for those who want more in-depth advice. While I can’t promise they will work, each one has a money back guarantee which gives me the confidence to recommend them.

This website does receive a commission for each of the books sold via the links posted throughout the content. That being said, you can trust that each resource has been researched and endorsed based on its quality and not on the commission.

Unfortunately I no longer have the resources to offer relationship advice via email. However, if you have a question about the site you send an email to admin [at] getbackmyex.com

All the Best,

Elliot Beers